SF AppShow 2012: Glaze Preview and Demo Video

Written by Julie Blaustein

Julie Blaustein previews Glaze, one of the 10 apps hand picked to demo at the posh SF AppShow 2012 event in San Francisco on Thursday, Nov. 8. Join us. Use GinaHost to get a discount. Details here.

Here’s a video of our Gina Smith interviewing the 11ers’ Dan Wexler, a Dreamworks alum. He is demoing the new rev of his app, Glaze.

As a photographer, I was eager to try out Glaze, one of the 10 featured apps at the SF App Show. Glaze speedily manipulates your photos and turns them into paintings that look like works of art. Glaze is available for Apple iOS (iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone) at the iTunes Store for $2.99 and there will be more news about it at the show.

To whet my appetite, I checked out Glaze on my Apple iPhone 4S.  I look forward to trying it out on an iPad where a larger screen undoubtedly shows off its more artistic features.

Glaze is easy to use. There’s a toolbar at the bottom of your screen from which you can upload any image from your device. Click on the icon from the sliding style bar to apply the various art and painting styles. There is also a tab on the right side that will randomly glaze your image.

Glaze truly morphs your image into a real painting.


An example of a glaze creation taken from when I went sailing in Sausalito.


The question mark icon at the bottom of the screen has a number of tips such as “Swipe Through History” that show you the different images you have created when using various styles. There’s also a video tour and User Guide you can use.

The one feature I would like is having labels for the Style icons in the Slider Bar so that I have a better idea of the changes I can use for my image. It’s a bit of trial and error to get to the image that you want. But, once you do glaze your image to your heart’s content, you can share it with friends and even print it out. Glaze makes a great holiday card.

Keep in mind that, at this writing, if you are printing out your images, the output resolution is currently capped at 2048 p in both dimensions. Glaze is working on making its app support higher resolutions in future versions.

I included a video by the founder of Glaze, Gilles Dezeustre. You’ll see the plethora of ways you can play with your images with Glaze.