SF AppShow 2012: Beat the Traffic (freeware)

Avoid major traffic snarl with Beat the Traffic. The latest release of this hit freeware app is out now for iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and even the HP Touchpad. You’ll see it live at the SF AppShow, sponsored in part by aNewDomain.net. Use GinaHost to get 25 percent off tix.

On Wednesday night, May 22, Gina Smith will host the SF Appshow here in San Francisco. One of the choice 10 apps you’ll see is this one — Beat the Traffic.

The latest version of Beat the Traffic is out now for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and the HP Touchpad with a completely revamped design. It’s a live traffic monitoring app — allowing you to select your route before you get in the car. Its sources include the Department of Transportation (DOT) and camera feeds on urban routes. There’s a pay version that’ll let you save traffic camera feeds and multiple routes, but the free version works just fine to get you home at night. We do love our freeware.

Are you coming to the SF AppShow? If you do, say hi. We’re a co-sponsor. When you register, use the code GinaHost to get 25 percent off tix. And at the door, tell them aNewDomain sent you. Gina will be on stage, and our Julie Blaustein, Russ Johnson and I will be there, too.