Sencha Touch Mobile App Dev Tool: MobileViews with Todd Ogasawara

It’s MobileViews with Todd Ogasawara — episode 54. Click to listen. This time Todd finds out how to build mobile apps using Sencha and gets the skinny on version two, which lets you build native tablet apps by adding a single line of code.

Sencha is more than just a good green tea. It’s a development tool — Sencha Touch, says Todd, makes it easy to develop mobile apps.

On this episode 54, Todd and Sencha execs talk about how the Sencha Touch mobile development tool works to build mobile apps for Apple iOS iPhones and iPads, BlackBerrys and, even, the discontinued webOS-based TouchPad, back in production late next year. What’s next for Sencha? Version two will support native mobile device sensors — and allow a single line of code to make an app native, among other features.

Click to listen.

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