Self-Pub and Curation Photo Service (freeware and pro preview)

Here’s a sample magazine digital mag featuring photographer and podcaster +Trey Ratcliff.

Here’s a sample magazine example — it’s from’s featured photographer and podcaster +Trey Ratcliff. is a free curation cum publication platform. I’ve used it awhile. It’s a subscription tool that lets you easily curate photos and content in order to create, self-publish and promote your own online magazines. For the pay version, its SEO reports are deep and informative, as you can see below. There’s a cost for that level of breadth and depth. It’s $79 a year for the biz version. The bang for the buck is not bad here, though, considering the ease and great reporting details. Business and Pro — pay services — let you do the same thing to brand your domain or biz. But you get more functionality and a ton more back-end tools. You use your own domain name, art and logo images — the payback, says, is “visibility, traffic and SEO performance.”

The reports are impressive. Check out a sample pub you might do, some sample reports and a comparison chart, courtesy

This sure is no Instagram.

And check this out. Still for the pricey paid subscription, by the way.

The screenshot I took below shows how looks here and how it is positioning the business version, as you can see below.

In terms of the free version, I recommend you try it. We’ll be reviewing the pay versions in coming days.

Here’s a feature list, courtesy of the site, on how execs say the three versions compare. Eager to try this out. Watch this space. I’m +Ant Pruitt for