SF AppShow 2012: Big Day for Apple iOS (preview)

Written by Joy Ma

A referral service on steroids. Big Day is a social network based event reminder service and gifting freeware app coming soon to Apple iOS, founders told our Gina Smith at the SF AppShow 2012. It lets you know when birthdays or other important dates are coming up, and you can use it to buy a gift, too. It’s got an enormous network of major merchants on tap. And it’s privacy policy is stellar.

Big Day helps you never forget another important occasion such as birthday and anniversaries in the lives of the people you care about. This  reminder service coming imminently to Apple iOS from Kijome Software, a husband-and-wife team from Vancouver, Wash. It’s a gift referral service on steroids. Get reminders on upcoming anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions — twice — and the app’s network of 400 stores and five affiliates lets you get the right gift in a click. And it’s free.

Here’s the full video of the livestream of the SF AppShow 2012, scroll in to minute 25:00 to see the 10 apps at the show demoing for six minutes each. Watch for full reviews from our staff on each of the apps we showed soon.

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Disclosure: aNewDomain.net’s editorial director Gina Smith hosts the SF Appshow, from which she does not profit. Per our ethics policy, she of course is not allied with nor profits in any way from the apps shown at the event.