Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad: Apple Fans Flame It

Let us know, if you’re upset about this ad, exactly why.

It is, as the guy at the end of this Sunday’s Samsung Super Bowl commercial for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note, a “bit over the top.” But the level of rage around Apple fan circles — it’s loud here in Silicon Valley — befuddles me.

It’s just a commercial. Or is it more. The reaction is unbelievable. Check out any of the Apple forums to see what I mean — or just look under the video on YouTube. So the stylus upsets people? REALLY?

Let us know, if you’re upset about this ad, exactly why.

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  • Ok. My two pennies.

    Samsung vs Apple ain’t going anywhere. The Apple “fanboys” are going to gripe about this ad (as usual). Even if this ad is just Samsung trying to sell their phone by insulting other devices or fans. Apple had their Macintosh ads openly tell Windows users that their operating systems/pc’s SUCKED. “I’m a Mac.” “I’m a P. . .(crash). . C.”

    Funny and clever commercials. And it helped get some recognition about an expensive, high quality piece of hardware and software.

    Companies always poke fun at their competitors, publicly or privately. They all want to sell their products. Fanboys on both sides need to get a grip. It’s a freakin’ ad. Enjoy the entertainment value of it and say “touche” if you’re on the funny side of the ad.