RunPee: Go Ahead, Run and Pee If You Have To (Android, iOS app review)

RunPee lets Isaac Kendall relieve himself in more ways than one. TMI? Nah. RunPee for Android, Apple iOS lets you leave the theater at just the right time.

The concept behind is brilliant, says our Isaac Kendall, and that isn’t because he has bladder issues …

I have a passion for movies.  Real movies. Big screens.  And as far as movies go I’m pretty militant about arriving in plenty of time to find “my spot” and see the previews, too.

This regiment usually sees me in my seat with at least 30 minutes before the movie starts rolling and already almost in need of a refill on my Coke Zero. No wonder I spend the last 45 minutes of the movie with full-bladder syndrome. Then I painfully deal with the fear of missing important scenes.  Thankfully my suffering ended thanks to RunPee.Com.

The concept of is quite brilliant.  It has all the current and recent movies listed, along with a guide for whenever there are four-minute breaks in the plot or action where you’ll probably find it the best time to run an pee without missing anything.

  • Thirty-five minutes into the movie you can runpee for four minutes
    Cue:  When Aubrey flips over the white board and tells the girls, “This is how we will win.”
    Run and pee!
  • One hour 16 minutes into the movie you can runpee for four minutes
    Cue: When Aubrey erases the white board after their perfomance at the finals.”
    Run and pee again!

Still feel like you’re missing out? With each cue, you click on the runpee event to reveal what is happening in those four minutes you were attending to your bio break.

It’s even possible to  pre-plan your movie trip on to aquaint yourself with the appropriate runpee times pre-showtime.  But the ultimate experience comes via the smartphone app. It is available for Android Apple iOS and Windows Phone.

If you would like to be alerted when the next pee time comes up, use the Timer feature. That lets you begin as soon as the previews finish.  Two minutes before the next pee time you will be notified with a vibration of your smartphone.

Image Credit: Isaac Kendall



Here are the links to the individual smartphone stores where you’ll find the app for your particular device.  If you using a BlackBerry or feature phone,  fear not. Access RunPee at

For Google Android devices: Google Play Store

For Apple iOS devices: Apple App Store 

For Windows Phone devices: Windows Phone Market