Apple iOS Freeware Friday: RoadAhead (review)

Written by Peter Baer Galvin

Apple iOS 5 is a lagging platform, travel-wise. Though the changes coming to Apple iOS 6 look promising, tech pros need great mapping tools that for serious road travel. RoadAhead, free on iTunes, brings that functionality to a new level.

RoadAhead is an app especially aimed at travelers who need to find services based on their current locations and where they are heading. It’s easy to use. Here’s how:

First, select the categories of services you are looking for.

The home button within the application then populates the screen with facilities that are in those categories, starting from the current location and direction being traveled.

You can also manually type in the name of a merchant and RoadAhead shows what is available, closest to farthest, in the direction you are heading.

Selecting a item brings up details about it, including reviews, the address, a map view for location and even a Call button to dial folks up at the destination.

Simplicity and utility all rolled in to one. RoadAhead is a rare application – rare because it now resides in the precious space on my iPhone’s home screen.