Rank Tracker: SEO Software (Review)

Our managing editor Jeremy Lesniak reviews Link-Assistant.com’s Rank Tracker Pro, a search engine optimization (SEO) utility. He likes it. Here’s why.

Optimizing your site for search — that is, search engine optimization (SEO) — is key. I checked out Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker — it isn’t a magic bullet, but it is definitely worth its $100 cost.

Link-Assistant.com Rank Tracker Rank Display

Rank Tracker doesn’t make SEO changes to your site –if you’re looking for a hands-off solution to bring you hits, this isn’t it. But it does provide a lot of useful information for improving a site’s visibility and SEO power.

The package is available as a free trial and in pro and enterprise versions.

The free version is simple to use — but it doesn’t allow you to save your website SEO research. That’s a drawback. The pro version, which will set you back about $99.75, is a lot more capable. A $250 enterprise version is also available. For this review, I checked out the Pro version.

Rank Tracker Pro isn’t giving you any secret information that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. But it collects, sorts and presents the information in a powerful way. And it’s flexible. Rank Tracker lets you explore the rank of various keywords across multiple search engines. And it checks and returns data quickly.

Link-Assistant.com Rank Tracker is Fast

One of my favorite features of Rank Tracker is the retention of historical data. This lets you know whether your SEO efforts work on a per-search basis over time.  I like the clean graphs you get.

Link-Assistant.com Rank Tracker Historical Data

Checking search rankings is simple. You even can schedule it for times when you’re away from your computer.  There are also lots of options to fine tune the discovery process so as not to offend the search engines you’re checking, too. It’s feature complete.

Link-Assistant.com Rank Tracker Keyword Checking

The system integrates with Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

I find this utility to be well worth the money. It’s a serious tool — check it out in the free version to see if it’s right for you.

You can download Link-Assistant.com Rank Tracker here.



  • Thanks for a nice and comprehensive review, Jeremy. I’ve been using Rank Tracker for keyword research and positions checking for several years and still consider it one of the best pieces of software for ranks monitoring. It’s really powerful and effective once you embrace its rich functionality like a bit “hidden” keyword research module, human emulation features, etc.

  • Works very well for 6 months. Then paid subscription is required.
    I paid 100 USD for the product. After 6 months the rank-checking-functionality of the software stopped working because somehow a “algo-subscription” was required (minimum ca. 6 USD per month). Discussion with the company is futile. Do a search and find that many others have experienced the same thing.