Startup Bootcamp: Virgin’s Porter Gale Presents

At Monday’s Startup Bootcamp — August 27, 2012 in San Francisco — Virgin’s Porter Gale and other media influencers talk about how to improve your social klout. And Klout.

Startup Bootcamp is in San Francisco this week – and it isn’t about PR. Not really.
It’s about how social media influencers form the meat of the message. Check out friends +Robert Scoble and +Brian Solis, plus Virgin’s celebrity social chief+Porter Gale. Expect various speakers from ReadWriteWeb, Reuters, CNET and other media on how to get down and dirty with your social media marketing strategies to pump up visibility for you and your business.
Startup Bootcamp takes place on Monday, August 27, 2012, in San Francisco. It’s at the Aquarium of the Bay @ Pier 39 in San Francisco. Expect tons of networking, plus panel discussions and breakouts.
Keynote speaker Porter Gale, author of 3 Degrees of Separation,  will explain how technology has reduced the degree of separation between contacts from six down to three. She says one’s social capital is a better way to judge one’s net worth than one’s financial portfolio. What exactly is the power of social capital? Portel will expound.
If you are looking to expand your network and push your Klout score over the top — that service measures the number of folks in the world you influence via social networks — this is the place to be. Or just follow the action at #PRstartup and #PRbootcamp .