Piracy on Android and free Nexus Q’s, Attack of the Androids, Episode 46

It’s another wonderful week in Android news, and the Attack of the Androids crew is here to guide you through it.  Mat Lee, Joey Kelley, Shane Brady, Seth Heringer, and yours truly give you the heads up on an amazing deal for this week’s “Phone of the Moment” and Google is sending out free Nexus Q’s.  Are you getting yours?

I go into a bit more detail regarding the GooManager Beta app which I recently reviewed.  We also talk Android piracy in the wake of all the “Android as a piracy platform” news that has been swirling around many tech news sites in recent weeks.  And for those of you who are playing the AOTA drinking game at home, get ready because we have more Republic Wireless news for you!

Come hang out with us in the Piracy Platform on this week’s epic edition of Attack of the Androids!