Dino Londis: One for the Bronies

Our Dino Londis admits he’s a brony. That’s a My Little Pony geek. My Little Pony meets DeviantArt. Check out what a young teen developed on open platforms below …

Art Credit: Polly Londis

Bronies are nerds. Or geeks. Or both. Which are you? According to the Urban Dictionary, Bronies are men who enjoy My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic without the slightest trace of irony. I’m one.

And now my daughter is going wild with the series using Camtasia, Flash and other technologies. I’m willing to guess this Brony dad of hers had a little to do with it.

As a father of three girls — they’re four, seven and 13-years-old,  I’ve watched my share of My Little Pony Friendship Magic. It takes a dad to fully understand the attraction. There’s a certain comfort in a fantasy. There’s also a tech’s delight of any age, here’s why.

Animator and illustrator: Polly Londis

My young teen, Polly, is getting more hits for her speed-draw Starry Eyed Pinkie Pie, above, than for any other video she’s done. And that’s saying a lot.  My daughter is building a real following on Kidzbop, a social site for kids, with animations she’s done with MS Paint, Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. She’s now teaching herself Flash.

Bronies and other fans of My Little Pony are not only consuming content but they generate variations on a theme. With Bronies scouring the web for this stuff, the demand for My Little Pony fan art is huge. DeviantArt has approximately 430,000 My Little Pony fan artwork, with hundreds more going up each week.