Nokia Mango Smartphones: London Announcement 9 a.m. BT

LONDON — Nokia is expected this morning to announce Nokia’s first two smartphones with Windows 7.5 Mango on board. The two Lumia series phones (the 800 and the 710) make good on CEO Stephen Elop’s promise from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February: to dump Symbian and Meego in favor of Microsoft’s new mobile OS.

The phones, codenamed Sabre (Lumia 710) and Sea Ray (Lumia 800), are hotly awaited in Europe, where they’ll ship this quarter. They’re expected in the US early first quarter. The Nokia World 2011 Keynote in London starts at 4am Eastern and 1am Pacific in the US. The website ThisIsMyNext is livestreaming the event here.

Nokia leaked a bit about the new smartphone tech on UK TV earlier this week. I'm following this story over at Check out the video and up-to-the-minute coverage over at