Nikon Small World Contest: Microscope Time Lapse Photos

Are you a tech geek and also a biotech geek? So am I. And we’re not alone. If you ever shoot wild pics and videos through your microscope — you might have a shot at winning the Nokia Small World 2012 microscopy time-lapse video and photo contest. Check out the current winners. Extraordinary. If you’re a biotech geek and a regular tech geek, too, you’re not alone. That’s a typical mix here in Silicon Valley, where the biotech biz is getting huge. So we’ve got a contest you should know about — the Nikon Small World contest.

You have until April 30 to get photos entries into the NikonSmall World 2013 contest sponsored by Microscopy. This is a contest involving timelapse microscope photos. Wow.

To inspire you, check out the remarkable work of previous winners. Evocative stuff.

Here’s the work of a 2011 first prize winner: Anna Franz. This video shows an “ink injection into yolk sac artery of 72-hour-old chick embryo, to visualize the beating heart and vasculature.” Technique: reflected light.

A prize went to Dr. Dominik Paquet for the following video submission. The video is a time lapse movie “of the transport of mitochondria in nerve cells of transgenic zebrafish, with nerve cell membranes labeled in green and mitochondria labeled in blue.” Technique: Widefield fluoroscence microscopy.

And here’s the third place winner: Dr. Ralf Wagner. This award winner is of “water flea, daphnia, playing with volvox.” Technique: Darkfield.



  • WOW!That flea video is intense. And that hydra. This will change science — this view into the micro and nanocosms, don’t you think? hos

  • my first love, besides football, was the human body. My orig major was sports medicine. I just couldnt make the cut. But i did enjoy learning about microbiology, physiology, nephrons, dendrites, a-c-t of DNA, and so forth. Couple the idea of curious mankind examining these things is always exciting to see what is discovered and learned.


    -RAP, II

  • The book I did before the Woz book was called The Genomics Age (2004). Researching the new map of the human genome was a blast —
    and don’t feel bad, +Ant.

    Did you know then US Pres George H.W. Bush congratulated Drs. Francis Collins and Craig Venter for “their gnome project.” Gnome. I am not making this up.