The New Statue of Liberty: Torchless, Fast Wi-Fi Design

new statue of liberty
Written by Joy Ma

Here’s an artist’s rendering of the new Statue of Liberty. It will be torchless, but other new features include Wi-Fi, digital video and a paean to the NSA.

new statue of liberty aNewDomain — To the left is an artist’s rendering of proposed changes planned for the new Statue of Liberty. Originally, the torch was a beacon for the tired and the poor; a light meant to lead those coming to a new land out of their despair and into the new world.

Nobody needs that sort of sentiment from a statue anymore. The new design will be torchless.

And the current plans aim to bring the iconic monument into the 21st century by replacing the figurative torch with a functioning satellite dish.

“Reception will be excellent,” a spokesperson for the plans said.

It’s not clear yet which satellite company will be providing content, but tourists who purchased premium tickets will be able to watch television in ultra-HD right inside the head of Miss Liberty.

We can only hope Game of Thrones will be available the day it opens. On this, reps had no comment, saying they couldn’t confirm or deny speculation and rumors.

We hear that visitors who buy premium tickets to walk in the crown will also be allowed to listen to phone conversations while sitting in Miss Liberty’s palm. The NSA plans to route a few lively calls in for drama-deprived Americans. Those agents are such good sports.

For aNewDomain, I’m Dino Londis.

Image credit: Polly Londis