New Google Doodles: Easy Browsing UI and a New Google Doodle Store, Too?

Google totally redesigns its Google Doodle gallery, making it easy to sift by category, date or occasion. But why? Just so happens the Google Doodle Store — I kid you not — opened today, too. That’s 1,000 illustrations you’ve probably seen on Google search pages over the years. But would you buy one. Really? Read more and tell me WHY.

There are a gazillion cool Doodles to peruse.

Notice Google also now has an online Google Doodle store, up now.

I do not make this stuff up.

Yep. If you haven’t heard, it’s true: Google is monetizing the Doodles, betting you or someone like you (or your boss) will buy some for your living room wall?
Would you? Really? Not me. Maybe you feel differently.

Here’s a shot of the store as of just a few minutes ago.

What is going on here, you may be wondering? I am. How did the whimsical drawings for Google Search turn into an art selling business? Then again?

Why not. Certainly folks buy enormous Dr. Seuss prints for their kids’ bedrooms all the tome. Why not a Doodle for mom and dad?

As for me, no, unless it is about aNewDomain or a band or poet I love, I’d never buy a Doodle. I’m all about bang for the buck. But that’s my personal commentary on this story.
How about you? What’s yours? Would you ever buy a Doodle — and if so, under what circumstances?

Nosy reporters want to know. Comment or email me at the address below if you dare.

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  • Am I too harsh? I guess it would be cool to buy a Google Doodle commemorating a holiday or something. You’ve got to hand it to the guy at Google who thought of this.