Seth Heringer: New Apple iPod Nano Design: Nokia-esque?

Our Seth Heringer wonders what Apple is thinking. Apple recently won $1B in damages from Samsung on patent infringement and design issues. Yet its Apple iPod Nano sure looks familiar — in fact, it looks like Nokia designed it, he says. Check out the pics.

Just a week after a court ruled Samsung infringed Apple’s patents and trade dress, you’d think Apple might notice that its new Apple iPod Nano looks a lot like … well, Nokia’s designs. Or maybe it’s just me.

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think …


  • something tells me the this won’t get a lot of fuss. I don’t know if there has been hush money issued or what.
    just my opinion.

    -RAP, II

  • Yes, it’s Nokia-esque, but then again I can see where it comes from. It’s iPod-esque too. I can see where they both come from and there isn’t necessarily common ancestors.

    iPod nano’s design comes from earlier generations, just stretch out the screen and change the click wheel to a single button. Why it has that white part stretched around the button, I don’t know. That is that only new, non-iPod-native part of the design, but not enough to call it a Lumia copy.

    Lumia comes from N9 (first picture left) which had depth-wise tapered ends and full screen. Those things come from it’s predecessors like N8 with change of material making this particular design possible. Nokia has also rich tradition of colors. Only thing that was really new in N9 design was that it didn’t taper width-wise like N8 did, again not enough to call it an iPod copy.

    I’m not a design historian, this is just what I remember seeing over last few years. I might remember things wrong.