Netflix, Hulu Plus, MP3 and Digital Sub Gifts: Managing Ed Jeremy Lesniak’s Thrill List

Jeremy Lesniak, managing editor at, never thought he’d end up writing a holiday gift list that’s all digital. But that’s what he’s got. A terrific and unique gift list.

I know some of these gifts would thrill me.

These are strange times for sure. I never thought I’d ever end up writing a holiday gift list that’s all digital. But that’s what I have this year. Check out my digital subscription gift ideas. I think they’repretty good.

I know some of these gifts would thrill me.

First up, Netflix. I know everyone is down on that huge service lately, with its gaffes and public backlash this summer. But it’s still a great offering for a whole lot of people who like lots and lots of streaming and CD movies at subscription prices. I bet you know someone who’d love some Netflix action in their stockings.

Try the free trial or look at a more permanent arrangement — prices start at $8 a month. Consider your data caps and the amount of media you consume before you lay your money down, though.

Hulu Plus  Hulu Plus is the premium Hulu service. I know plenty of people who’ve cut off their cable or dish service for it. Hulu Plus mostly mostly focuses on current TV series and has a growing movie service. There are decent gift deals on the site to check out.

Xbox Live Subscriptions The Xbox Live service allows owners of Xbox 360s to play games over the net.  Even if you don’t know a thing about gaming, an XBox Live automatically makes you an online gamer. Until just recently, Microsoft offered this up as a gift on its website, but it’s down at the moment. Other online retailers still carry it, though, a gift that’ll set you up about $50.

Xbox Live


Playstation Network Gift Cards Harder to get than they should be at Sony’s website, I suggest buying one of these at a video game centric retailer. It’s a lot easier to purchase a gift card there. Think of this as the Sony PS 3 subscription equivalent of what Microsoft is doing with XBox Live.

PlayStation Network

Nintendo Points Card  These points allow Nintendo Wii console owners to purchase games online — not from Nintendo, but through its authorized partners and retailers. Pretty awesome.

Nintendo Will Points Cards

Blockbuster Total’t take Netflix. Sample Blockbuster if you have a store near you — there are sub options and they’ll even exchange discs. Prices start at $9.99.

Gamefly  This is a wonderful service. If you love video games, you’ll love Gamefly. It operates a lot like Netflix. You can start and stop games, borrow them and send them back. Prices start at around $23. Worth it for me! Every year, you know, you should buy at least a couple of gifts for yourself.


Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards – Got an Amazon fanatic in your midst? You know the type — they buy everything there. Diehard Amazon shopping junkies will naturally fall in line with the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire, a shopping portal tablet with no camera. Try before you buy. This tablet’s not for everyone. You can always save some money and just buy a few MP3s for someone, though.

Amazon MP3 Gift Cards