Mozilla Firefox Security Issues: Google-Sponsored Study Questions Firefox Security (Forbes)

Source: Accuvant, via Forbes.

How does Mozilla Firefox compare with Google Chrome and MS Internet Explorer? As Forbes reports, a Google-sponsored study from Accuvant reports Firefox security issues.

Here’s some good weekend reading for you. This from Andy Greenberg and the folks at Forbes.

Researchers at the security firm Accuvant released a (Google-sponsored) study … that (compares) the security features of the top three web browsers: Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and Mozilla’s Firefox. The results show Google leading the way in innovating new safeguards, Microsoft running just behind, and Firefox sorely lacking in security areas. “Although both Google Chrome and IE are competitive, Chrome is a little better,” says Accuvant researcher Ryan Smith. And Mozilla? “We’ve tried to point  out areas where Firefox can improve its code base,” Smith says politely.

Accuvant’s chart comparing Firefox, Chrome and MS IE is below.


Accuvant’s study, which was … read rest of the story at Forbes here.