Mozilla Firefox 15 Game: BananaBread HTML5 First Person Shooter (video)

Written by Gina Smith

Here’s how to download the latest Mozilla Firefox 15 — and, more importantly, the impressive HTML5 game BananaBread. It really shows the power of WebGL … check out the demo here. And find out why it won’t work with Internet Explorer.

With today’s Mozilla release of Firefox 15 for Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and Android, it’s a great time to check out a stunning new HTML5 first-person 3D shooting game compiled for that browser platform. It blew my mind when Mozilla release the upgrade today. But it’s Firefox and Chrome only. No MS Internet Explorer allowed.

Created using JavaScript and WebGL, the video game — demo above — is called BananaBread. And it is available for download now on all the platforms I listed above.

Mozilla Firefox 15 Game Demo
The idea, say Mozilla reps, is to show what purportedly improved performance JavaScript and WebGL bring to the party. The demo sure looks impressive in the demo below — it flies, reall. Watch for our real life review with the new browser version in days ahead..

Mozilla, reps say, used Emscipten to port over the game. , which was built in the programming language C++.

Try it out. Just head to Mozilla’s developer site. The desktop version of Firefox 15 or Google Chrome works fine, but forget MS Internet Explorer. Most Microsoft Internet Explorer versions have a tough time with WebGL– it is unlikely to work at all in IE 9 and 10. My short, unscientific test showed that to be true for me.

If you’re a Mozilla user you know that company is always upgrading Firefox with a ton of new features. It’s revved three times this year already. Watch for my screenshot gallery and first look tomorrow at the pros and cons of Firefox 5.


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