Apple iBooks: Move PDFs On and Off your Apple iPad the Easy Way

Here’s how our Sandy Berger moves PDFs easily off and on her Apple iPad. Check it out.

Lawyers, realtors, and anyone who deals with a lot of PDFs –drawings, contracts and invoices come to mind —  take note. If you have an Apple iPad, it’s possible to keep all these documents handy without lugging around a bunch of large file folders filled with documents.

First install iBook from the iTune App Store . It’s a free app.

iBooks works with iOS 4.2 or later.

iBooks Bookshelf

For files you get via email, just hit the attachment and select Open in iBooks.

Your iPad will put the item right on your bookshelf. Or scan them into your computer and email them to yourself. You also are able to add them to your iTunes library on any device and sync them to your Apple iPad or print via AirPrint.

Now iBooks has a section it calls Collections. Using it, just put all PDFs into an iBook Collection called PDF. And it’s easy to move around. Just create a new collection with an informative name. Group your PDFs by client, project, date or any other useful grouping.  To move the PDF you just moved into iBooks, press Edit and choose that PDF you want to move. Then just move it into the collection of your choice.

If you need to annotate your PDFs or want more functionality, try the free pdf-notes apps app or the more powerful PDF Reader paid app at $4.99.

So stop lugging those file around. Let your iPad replace your briefcase.