Motorola Droid RAZR: Pre Orders Start 5 a.m. Pacific Today (US and EU)

October 27 — Today at 5 a.m. PT, Motorola and Verizon start accepting preorders in the US and internationally for the new 4G LTE Droid RAZR smartphone.

Announced earlier this month, the 1.2GHz smartphone is skinny as can be — just 1.7mm at its thinnest point.


At Motorola's press event in New York City on October 18, the smartphone wowed with its low price point ($299 with a two-year Verizon contract, $650-ish US without), intense qHD 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, 8megapixel camera and 1080p video camera. When it's upgradable to Android 4.0 — we're hearing early 2012, just in time to get the bugs out — it'll be even sexier.

Pic: Motorola Mobility

It's back to the future for all the RAZR carriers of the 2000s — my guess is Motorola Mobility, Verizon and Google (and AT&T, eventually) will outdo all expectations with this little guy over the holiday season.

Word is the smartphone will actually ship in early November, before November 10. The sooner, the better. Around Silicon Valley, I've seen several folks carrying around prototypes for a few weeks now. The display truly is stellar.

Here's Nilay Patel from with a quick hands-on at the Motorola event. You really get a feel for it. Nice job, Nilay.