Moore’s Law at Fifty Years: An Infographic Extravaganza

Written by Gina Smith

Tech’s golden rule is 50 years old on April 19, 2015. Check out this serious collection of Moore’s Law infographics. They illustrate all you ever need to know about it — plus some. Enjoy!

aNewDomain — Chip pioneer and Intel co-founder Gordon Moore published the first paper about it 50 years ago on April 19, 1965. Fifty years later, it’s still true. There are Moore’s Law factoids, predictions and comparisons everywhere. No one ever gets sick of them. You hear Moore’s Law applied to pretty much every advance and industry these days.

We’re also not sick of the Moore’s Law triviata either. Betting that you’re not either, here’s our ultimate collection of Moore’s Law infographics. Scroll to the bottom of this piece to read Gordon Moore’s original April 19, 1965 paper.

And have a Happy Moore’s Law Day.

The End of Moore’s Law?

Let’s kick off the beginning of this infographic rampage by talking about the end — of Moore’s Law, that is. Pundits have been predicting it to peter out for 20 years now. Here’s one of the tastiest.

The End of Moore’s Law infographic: FoneBank and Business2Community

Moore’s Law: Just The Facts

Here are two really simple Moore’s Law infographics that are elegant and accurate. You can’t be a self-respecting geek and get any of these facts wrong.
moore's law infographic
Moore’s Law infographic: via

And here is another good one. It comes from the good folks at iDisrupted.

Moore’s Law Infographic: via iDisrupted 

If Transistors Were People …

Here’s another one. Created and posted by Intel in 2011, it puts Moore’s Law in human terms.

Moore's Law in human terms-moores-law-infographic-by-Intel

Moore’s Law infographic circa 2011: Intel

The History of Moore’s Law

Two years ago, Penn State afficionados put up a great post on the best way to create infographics, and they created a phenomenal Moore’s Law infographic in so doing so. Here, the creator correctly points out that Moore’s Law is a misnomer. It’s not really a name at all.

not really a law at all
Source: Penn State

Extrapolating Back from Moore’s Law

Editor Daniel Zweier posted this excellent exercise in Moore’s Law extrapolation over at BreakingModern back in January. It’s called, appropriately, Patterns of Progress. It’s beautiful.

moore's law infographic extrapolation

Patterns of Progress Moore’s Law infographic:

We’ll be adding new Moore’s Law infographics to this piece up till April 19, 2015, the big day. Got one we ought to know about? Email me at, and we’ll credit you for the find.

Read the original Gordon Moore paper from April 19, 1965 embedded in full below.

Gordon Moore 1965 "Moore's Law" article

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.