Microsoft XBox 720: Roadmap to 2015: Leaked Slides, HW SW Specs Here

The future of Xbox going way out? Lots of detail here! Check inside for the complete set of slides in the MS leaked document around the future of several product lines until 2015 and beyond. Plans change and products delay, of course, but this is great reading. (And blocked by MS lawyers on site.)

It is a map. How real are the plans it describes will be clearer soon. But the recent leaked 52-slide Microsoft deck detailing product plans for its entertainment division are incredibly detailed and move to 2015 and beyond.

We hold the entire document — but because it is so wide-ranging and covers so many Microsoft product categories this piece will focus on what it holds for the future XBox 720, the Kinect platform, Microsoft TV and AR — aka Project Fortaleeza.

Plans change. MS delivery dates noted by these internal docs are likely placeholders. And note: this deck is more than six months old and MS lawyers are forbidding to post on it on its site of shared PDFs. it still is pretty much en pointe, sources tell us. It’s great reading. Microsoft product plans and leaks are so often a moveable feast.

Here’s a bigger picture across platforms and category, according to the presenter, who at this writing remains unidentified. Certainly road maps change, but there’s some deep and intriguing information here.

Now look at this.

Updated: June 21, 2012