Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview, SkyDrive: John C. Dvorak X3

John C. Dvorak ridicules the idea, as promoted, of Microsoft SkyDrive in Windows 8 Consumer Preview and elsewhere as the “world’s hard drive.” The cloud is the suspect in today’s episode of John C. Dvorak X3. It’s Monday, March 5, 2012 and this is John C. Dvorak X3 — one topic, three pundits, two minutes.

Microsoft is building its SkyDrive cloud storage service into its Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview beta — but it won’t be the world’s hard drive, says our John C. Dvorak.

It’s John C. Dvorak X3 with co-hosts Andrew Eisner and Joe Engo. One topic, three pundits, all in just about two minutes. Find this short vidcast daily– right here at our

We’ve got more on Windows 8 Consumer Preview and SkyDrive …  and here’s the video where Microsoft engineers explain its SkyDrive vision.

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