MS Kinect Glasses, Gen 7/8 XBox Plans (Microsoft’s Gaming Roadmap Plan Here)

Early this a.m., sources started sending copies of a leaked MS internal doc detailing gaming plans involving gen 7 and gen 8 Xbox products, the Xbox 720, and its plans for an immersive Kinect Glasses experience coupled with Microsoft TV. We sourced it three times. Timelines can and usually do usually change with Microsoft, but this is some good reading.

Late last year, someone — perhaps an employee at Microsoft, but there’s no telling —  posted an internal doc detailing the roadmap for Microsoft’s Kinect, Xbox 720 and Kinect Glasses for “the disruptive living room experience,” it says in the doc, which holds strategic plans for several years out.

It had the shelf life of an old egg.

The doc appeared on scribd, an online service that publishes PDFs for sharing. It didn’t last long. Microsoft’s lawfirm hastily pulled it down almost as soon as it went up. But now I have a copy. I spent the day confirming it and now, in fact, sources confirm to that this is awfully close to the plan. Do you want Kinect Glasses (think Google Glasses) in your living room. Lots to think about here.

Now. Check out the shots I took of the doc, above and below. We’re talking the Xbox — 7 and 8 generations, and the Kinect Glasses as they are integrated with a 2013 MS TV. I’ll keep adding to this as I load the presentation I have. Before you get too excited, remember the Alamo — I mean — Vista.

Below you see the XBox 720 for next year in 2013, followed by “disruptive” Kinect Glasses in the TV tied to Microsoft TV.

Another slide in the deck. Not keeping them in order. Just in order of interest and readability.

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