Microsoft Handheld PC Pro: Jurassic Tech the Podcast

It’s Jurassic Tech — the podcast. Our Honololu-based tech pro Todd Ogasawara in partying like he has a 1999 Microsoft Handheld PC Pro, and he’s got the exec who led the project, Keith Amodt, along for the ride.

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In Jurassic Tech Podcast 2, Todd Ogasawara speaks with Keith Amodt. Keith was the Microsoft Product Manager for the netbook-sized Handheld PC Pro devices (project codename Jupiter) that emerged in 1998 and 1999.


These Windows CE devices were lightweight, had great battery life (up to 12 hours), and were instant on. Keith talks about how he guided the concept based on customer feedback — and why Microsoft finally set the concept aside.

Keith and Todd discuss how some of the Handheld PC Pro design elements are seen in products like tablets, Google Chromebooks and netbooks today.

Keith also provides an interesting anecdote involving Apple that you won’t want to miss. ¬†Imagine a MacBook Air-sized (or nearly so) solid state device with a touch screen in 1999.