Microsoft Windows 8 Beta and App Store Launch February

Microsoft will co-launch its Windows App Store and Windows 8 Beta in late February. Microsoft is offering a generous deal for developers, too. More details here.

Microsoft will launch its app store in late February along with the Windows 8 beta. The first group of apps will be free — and the store will include open source programs.

Here’s what Microsoft said about its App Store when it announced it in October.

After Windows 8 launches, vendors will have a variety of pricing and free trial options and will pay Microsoft 30 percent on the first $25,000 in sales and 20 percent after that. That’s a good deal The store will be available in over 100 languages. Local currency payment and settlement will be provided in the top 40 markets, says Microsoft.

This will be a one-stop shopping center for Metro apps on desktops, tablets and phones. Classic Windows apps will be at the store, too. But the emphasis is getting everyone on board Metro, of course.

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  • cho em hoi: sao em da cai windows 8 beta , ma lai khong mo duoc store, map, … Xin huong dan cach giai quyet , xin cam on. Hien gio em dang cai windows 8 beta vao laptop