Meet Michael Doornbos: Senior Podcaster and Editor at

As we continue to roll out our 40 member edit team here at anewdomain — started on January 2 — I’m just starting the Ds! Meet Michael Doornbos, an expert and author on deep space science and a tech pro who serves as a senior podcaster and editor here at aNewDomain. Published in BYTE among many other industry journalists, drop him a line!

Meet Michael Doornbos, senior editor at Formerly a contributor at teamBYTE, Mike is deeply into deep space and deep tech. That’s why we like him. A journalist published in BYTE and other tech properties, Mike captains our space coverage — and we do a lot of it here.

He hosts the evadot space podcast syndicated here at and is a founding edit-team member. In addition to covering space — Mike by day leads the ComRay project, a mesh system for deep-space communications — he’s also a tech pro. He serves as chief technologist at SpaceUP DC and Assurance Data, where he is an IT and security consultant. Email Michael at and check out

Welcome Mike.

Watch for his forthcoming book, A New Kind of Hero.