Meet Eric Finkenbiner: Exec Tech and Podcaster at

Written by aNewDomain Staff

Based in Rangoon, Burma, Eric Finkenbiner is a foreign service IT specialist for the U.S. Department of State — and a senior contributor on the deeptech and rooting beat at

Eric is into Arduino, but Android is like a religion to him — he writes rooting Android smartphone pieces among other content here at He also co-hosts Attack of the Androids with Mat Lee every week — and frequently appears on Yet Another Tech Show, too.

No one can write or podcast about rooting a smartphone like Eric. I bet you remember his rocking How To galleries — making Android hacking accessible is his art.

Eric is a vet of teamBYTE, which relaunched as  on July 11, 2011. Two thirds of that team are here on aNewDomain … a group we’re rolling out to you now. Even if the staff members choose to wear green Android hats.

For it’s Eric Finkenbiner!