Meet David Blumenstein: Senior Commentator at

Written by aNewDomain Staff

Based in New York and London, David Blumenstein is a vet tech writer with an extraordinary range of reporting experience across a wide span of topics.

But he tells us his tech passions date back to Stuyvesant High School and his introduction to the Darpanet Internet early project days circa 1979.

Not content with letting things be, David grabbed on and never let go.

He is the proud owner of He registered it with the InterNIC back in the Pleistocene – his nic handle db321.

From Wall Street to Madison Avenue — to the worlds of venture investment and banking — David’s an experienced tech pro and commentator. Please welcome it. We’re thrilled to have him join us at as our newest senior commentator. And I know you’ll love his stuff.

Yes, Virginia, ICQ. Do you remember? Drop David a line to welcome aboard, so happy to have him. – ED

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ED Disclosure: David owns TEKWORKS, which seeks to discover innovative and emerging technology companies from all over the world, providing them with strategic, business and corporate development services. Alongside its worldwide network of venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, wealth  managers, and corporate development groups, tekworks participates directly in private placements, spin outs, and mergers & acquisitions. He won’t be writing about companies in whom he has a personal financial interest for But that leaves a whole industry. Skype David at davidavdavid. On AIM he is davidavdavid and 4527309 on ICQ. gs