Meet Cyndy Sandor, VP Publishing at

Based in Silicon Valley, Cyndy Sandor is’s VP of Publishing.  Her role is to shape, define and execute the marketing and revenue side of the business.  Cyndy is a publishing veteran as a leader in the tech and consumer publishing space, working publications like Dr. Dobb’s Journal, DevX, GamePro, PC Games, PC Week, InformationWeek, CIO Insight, Slashdot, SourceForge and countless others.

More recently, she’s been involved in the Internet start-up space as a co-founder or advisor for Silicon Valley firms, all while running her own startup consulting business, FireStart Consulting.

“I’m so excited to be part of at this early stage.  Not only do we have a team that rocks, a winning, and unique tech journalism approach, but also a bright future with a huge opportunity. I’m looking forward to great things ahead for us all!”

I couldn’t have said it better. Welcome to, Cyndy.

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