Meet Chris Miller: Senior Commentator at

Written by Joy Ma

Chris Miller is a long-time IT pro, host of The Social Geeks and is a founding senior contributor here at Check out his video intro here.

Based in St Louis, MO, Chris Miller helped relaunch BYTE with two dozen of our staff here last year. A founding senior editor at, he also hosts TheSocialGeeks and the idonotes vidcasts, viewable on our site.

Chris is a pivotal member of our dev team and part of the committed team that launched the alpha version of this site on 11.11.11.

Chris also is a director at cloud hosting and remote management provider Connectria — and has been for nearly 15 years.

Find all Chris Miller’s articles and podcasts here.

Follow Chris @IdoNotes and email him at On Google+ he is +Chris Miller.

A New Domain intro from Chris Miller on vimeo.