Meet aNewDomain’s Senior Editor AND Security Team: Rob Maxwell

Rob Maxwell is aNewDomain’s senior editor specializing in deep tech and a member of aNewDomain’s five-editor security team. By day, he’s senior security engineer at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Based in Maryland, Rob Maxwell was one of our security pros on teamBYTE and continues that role here at aNewDomain as a senior editor on our security team. As senior security engineer for the University of Maryland College Park, Rob does all manner of security and forensics work. He is the the e-Discovery guy, the forensics guy, and, officiallt, the Lead Incident Handler.

Rob started and still runs the Digital Forensics Lab at UMD as well, focusing on education and curriculum development.  He teaches Cybersecurity and coaches the UMCP CCDC team, an intercollegiate competitive cybersecurity team.

Rob also hires out as an occasional tech editor and consults on security and tech support issues for small and home-based businesses. Glad to have you back, Rob!

Rob is multi-OS-lingual and supports the three majors every day.  But his MBP is my daily driver. And though he has an Android phone, he says he uses his Apple iPad and iPod touch more often.

Follow Rob on  Twitter as @lythander. Google+ +Rob Maxwell

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  • i have tremendous respect security gurus. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of respect devs, but 2011 Hackopalypse has truly turned (my) eyes to online security

    -RAP, II

  • Hey, Rob. What? TeamBYTE wasn’t startup-ey enough for you?

    Get a load of anewdomain LOL. And yes, we are SO THRILLED to have our brilliant security guy back on the launch edit team, this time for this site!

    Welcome Rob, and also your security compadres, Alan Wallace, Eric Finkenbiner (rangoon), Todd Moore and Duane Craig. With content from you guys, we’ll keep a lot of our readers’ computers safe … please start with Skype and Google Chat “: )

    Thanks again, ROB! Welcome back!