Meet aNewDomain Senior Photojournalist: Julie Blaustein

Based in San Francisco, Julie Blaustein is senior photojournalist at — when she’s not sailing or competing in triathlons.

Like so many of us at aNewDomain, Julie Blaustein was a member of teamBYTE, the group of editors who relaunched BYTE in July 2011. Now she is senior photojournalist here at

Based in San Francisco, Julie says “I live and breathe the Internet from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.” In addition to our site, she also contributes to  A startup addict — I relate — Julie has served in various capacities at Photobucket, CitySearch, GeoCities, JamBase and Commission Junction.

“I love learning about new technology and ways to communicate through eCommerce and in social networks,” says Julie, adding that  “most importantly, I’m all about existing on the Internet authentically.”

An avid sailor and triathlete, Julie’s email is Follow Julie @julierb and on Google+ at +Julie Blaustein.  More about Julie here.

She’s already done quite a bit of stuff for us. Here’s her gift guide — done with our San Francisco-based editor Mike Rothman. She also took our New Year shot — this of San Francisco’s Union Square. Tis the season. Happy New Year and welcome, Julie!