Meet aNewDomain Senior Contributor and Columnist: Paul Bonner

As promised, I begin the New Year by unveiling our rocking, all-star edit staff at aNewDomain in alphabetical order. So meet Paul Bonner, a prolific writer with 1000s of bylined stories in tech pubs over the years. He’s now an applications architect in Austin, but that isn’t stopping him from joining us in our mission to bring authoritative, trusted tech journalism back. So glad to work with him again and to feature him here at aNewDomain. Let us know what you think of his commentary on the Amazon Kindle Fire and the nasty little secret he says some holiday recipients are soon to discover. Do you agree?…

Before I got into tech journalism by way of Sam Whitmore and PC Week in 1988, I was already reading Paul Bonner. He is an old friend, an outstanding writer and he sure knows how to lay it on the line, as you can see from his lightning rod piece on the Amazon Kindle Fire. He doesn’t mind if you mix it up with him in the comments below his story, either.

Based in Austin, Paul these days is a professional application architect and programmer. And he’s a damned fine writer. He spent years informing tech readers with his deep-tech, breezy and down-home prose — with thousands of bylines in those great tech mags of yore — PC Week, PC/Computing,Personal Computer, PC Magazine, VB Programmers Journal and Electronic Entertainment (E2), which Paul, I and the rest of the staff later morphed into what is now the E3 tradeshow.

So welcome, Paul! Tally ho. When Paul told me his interest was in bringing back real tech journalism — meaty, authoritative, accurate, detailed, trust-worthy. I said, hello, sailor. Something like that. His first article ran New Year’s Eve on the Amazon Kindle Fire and the secret, a little secret perhaps, that those who got it for Christmas will soon discover.  It’s getting quite the reaction — chime in on the debate as you will.

Here’s Paul!

Email Paul at, follow him @paul_bonner and on Google+ as +Paul Bonner. He promises to smile if you ever stop by to see him in Austin.

You sure set off aNewDomain’s six-week-old property off with a bang on New Year’s Eve! Pow. Expect more.


  • WOOT! Great to work with you again, Paul. We did it at PC Week, PC/Computing, E2 and E3 — and now it’s a new domain for us all. Loved your Kindle piece. What a debate, huh?

  • Well, thanks for the kind welcome Gina. It’s an honor to be in such illustrious company. Way back when, I wouldn’t have thought twice about dropping everything in Boston and moving to Peterborough just to be able to say I shared a masthead with Jerry Pournelle. Now I can, and I didn’t even have to leave my living room. And, as I’m sure you recall, while the official policy at PCW dictated that we hated everyone at InfoWorld, nobody on staff ever missed one of John Dvorak’s columns. So thanks for inviting me aboard this little adventure cruise.