Meet Podcast Host: Mat Lee

Meet aNewDomain’s Mat Lee. A terrific and energetic young podcaster, he hosts a number of shows here at aNewDomain and at our partner site, Check out his flagship Attack of the Androids, syndicated and appearing here weekly, at its home site over at Email him at

Based in Kalispell, MT, Mat Lee loves Android in a way only someone within Google probably could.  And we’ve never met a young podcaster with this much raw talent. Another teamBYTE vet, Mat Lee held down aNewDomain’s IT launch squad on 11/11/11 and continues to host an array of podcasts for us and our partner site, He even hosted this site on his own servers until our recent move to a commercial service.

His show,  Attack of the Androids, features a whole crew of aNewDomain and Groovy staffers, including but not limited to Eric Finkenbiner, Joey Kelley, Seth Heringer and Jeremy Lesniak.

Email Mat at and follow him on Google+, where he is +Mat Lee.