Meet aNewDomain Exec Ed of News: Eric Mack

Meet our executive editor of news, Eric Mack.

Eric Mack helped relaunch BYTE with me and now he’s exec editor of news here at But don’t let me tell you. Check out the video. Email Eric news tips at and follow him @anewdomain


  • With people like John, Jerry and yourself there, the talent is figuratively beating a path to the AND front door. You start with quality personnel and you’ll attract quality personnel. I’d be almost speechless were I to find myself in the company of someone like Jerry Pournelle. He’s one of the key people responsible for turning the home PC into a productivity tool and at that time, it was a stretch of the imagination for many us to envision that a micro-computer would one day have the available resources comparable that of a DEC or WYSE terminal connected to a mainframe or a mini. Eric Mack is of the same caliber of individual as yourselves. Congratulations to him and to all of you. Best wishes always, Robert.