Macworld | iWorld 2012: Top Social iPad Apps (freeware)

Blurb for iOS was one of five apps our Josh Windisch selected as the best social iOS apps demoed at Appalooza, an event here at Macworld | iWorld San Francisco.

MacWorld | iWorld 2012 billed this as an event where we’d preview the best social mobile apps available. Frankly, I was disappointed at what was there. Some of the apps were obvious and have been around awhile. For example, I couldn’t believe Face Time was there. It comes with every iPad2. Then again, a lot of the apps were free.

You get what you pay for.

Here are the few apps I felt did make the cut for our aNewDomain

First is the free Macworld | iWorld iOS app which is available now in iTunes. If you have a bad sense of direction, you need that to get around here. Available for free, it includes each day’s itinerary — from the appshowcases to the literary, art and music events.

LocalMind lets you ask questions about a topic, letting know-it-alls on your social network answer. Get your free copy in iTunes.

Appalooza also featured Blurb, a way to create a montage of photos, videos and audio clips that tell your life stories in a way only you can. Later you can share the media you’ve created with friends and family. Get your free copy in iTunes and you’ll be on you way to loads of fun and adventure.

Clibe: is a visual journal that lets you make digital scrapbooks of photos, scribbled notes or drawings like the one David W. Martin started featuring his Dachshund Bertha. This  app is the digital diary of the 21st century so be sure to hide it from your siblings. It is free in iTunes so everyone can have their own copy.

Blogsy is the only app in this list that isn’t free. It costs $5 in the iTunes App Store. If you are a blogger and using one of the supported platforms you can use this app to drag and drop videos and pictures into your blog posts. It also handles a plethora of text editing options.

Additional reporting by David W. Martin.