Macworld | iWorld 2012: Preshow Media Product Preview

Would you believe an Apple iPhone case that doubles as a bottle opener? Plenty of wacky stuff to see here in San Francisco at Macworld | iWorld 2012. Josh Windisch reports on that — and six other cool products conference execs selected for a media-only preview.

SAN FRANCISCO Macworld | iWorld 2012 held a media-only event on the eve of the show Wednesday — here are the seven products and services organizers foisted on the media first thing on registration. They were pretty cool, though.

Spashtop is in from Beijing. Its new Mac client for this popular remote desktop app is available now for $4.95, says CMO Cliff Miller. But it’ll be free for download all day Saturday, Pacific Time.

Splashtop┬áis a remote desktop app available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. It’s $0.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad and Android, and $19.99 for the desktop.

Photo by Julie Blaustein

The Intoxicase and Intoxicate Plus from Spicebox are cases for the Apple iPhone. It doubles as a bottle opener, too. And it comes with a free app that detects how many bottles you’ve opened — and, appropriately, tracks your drinking habits. The Intoxicase is $25. The Intoxicase Plus is $35.

The Intoxicase

Photo by Julie Blaustein
The Bodydock is a case and magnetic docking system.
body dock case and magnetized dock for iPhone


Photo by Julie Blaustein

Audible Magic detects audio from TV shows or movie — it actually takes the sound from an internal mic, using keywords it hears to give you more information about it. Think of it as audio search. It’s not an app — it’s an API you build on. Sounds like an obvious Google acquisition to me.
Audible Magic TV and movie identification

Audible Magic

Photo by Julie Blaustein

TeenAgree is an app that informs parents if and when their teen is driving unsafely. Sounds miserable for a team — but amazing for parents. Execs told us it doesn’t matter if the teen is carrying an Apple iPhone and Android phone. This is a service — it costs $5 a month.
TeenAgree teen driving safety app


Photo by Julie Blaustein

iSupport will stabilize your photos. With handles, the holder for Apple iPhone supports a variety of lenses for photo buffs. It’s called iSupport — priced at $49 for the rubber standard version and the $79 for the steel iSupport Pro.
iSupport holder for iPhone photography

iSupport Pro

Photo by Julie Blaustein

The firm Mic-W was here at the media event showing off its i-Series of mics. These are professional mics you plug into the headphone jack of an Apple iPhone or Apple iPad.
i-Series mics for iPhone and iPad

i-Series Mic

Photo by Julie Blaustein


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