Macworld | iWorld 2012: Drum Circle Closing Ceremony

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. And that’s all there is to Macworld | iWorld 2012.

Video — original as shot by Julie Blaustein for aNewDomain.

IDG announced early this week — on Monday, the lunar New Year — that it would reinvent its Macworld this year. Execs promised more of a World’s Fair type gathering: more akin to Burning Man than, say, CES or Comdex of yore.

With art, music, film and, topping it off, a closing California-style drum circle, IDG pulled it off. As conferences go, we didn’t see any ground-shaking announcements. But this year’s Macworld | iWorld 2012 nonetheless was a success by any measure. A lot of fun. Way to go, IDG.

Video: Original Julie Blaustein for

Special thanks to our San Francisco-based edit team for the Macworld 2012 coverage. From left: Michael Butler, Mike Rothman, Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak, Eddie DaLarosa, Rebekah Austin, Josh Windisch, Julie Blaustein and Mac McCarthy. Expect more app and product reviews — and analysis — as we recover in coming days : )


  • Hello Julie Blaustein… We were delighted to see this video that you took of the closing drum circle at iWorld last week in SF. This drum circle was led by Arthur Hull (Village Music Circles™). We at VMC would like to be able to use this video in our marketing on social media and our website. Please let us know if there is any problem with that. Thanks again!