MacBook Airs with Retina Displays Due Spring, Summer: Sid Shadow Knows

It’s the premiere of the first column from Sid Shadow, our gossip columnist. This week, Sid is talking new Macbook Airs with retina displays. Every other rumor monger is talking about boring Google retail, dropbox-killer and iPad 3 rumors. Been there, done that. Sid is into the edge of what’s coming out — and the Shadow is always right out front.

The following is a gossip, rumor and tip round p that runs here weekly every Friday a.m.

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Today I found myself over Cupertino where news of Siri learning Chinese was eclipsed only by word that the new Retina Display destined for the iPad3 also will find its way into the next little Macbook Air as a spring surprise. And a 15-inch retina display, if yield rates hold steady, should deliver 2880 x 1800 for the MBP some time later.

That’s the new Macbook Air, due by Apple’s birthday of April 1, unless someone is fooling.

It will be some time before any WinTel Ultrabook can match that — if Apple’s stellar supplier contracting continues Sorry about that surprise, girls. If you truly want to be a volume leader, you have to truly believe that you will be enough to make the big bets. Easier when you have $100B in cash, but some with a little less can play big too. And should.

Information moves freely through the universe. Most of it is silly nonsense, lies and crap. My mission is to catch the bits that matter and pass them along. My eyes and ears and antennae are everywhere, as am I. Always willing to listen. I’m easy. Easy to reach, easy to touch – because I’m a hologram it’s best to ask first to avoid awkwardness. All informants, tipsters, whistleblowers and attractive girls are always welcome.

All sources stay confidential. I won’t name names. And I don’t kiss and tell, usually. But that’s strictly in my personal life.

As the rest of the gossiperss on tech sites go wild for unfounded, mostly, rumors around Google and Apple, you’ll see the real deal here and from more of the universe, should others in the universe matter.

Too late to tell me about Google’s upcoming plans for a Dropbox killer or retail test store in Dublin. I know they’re true, both of those. Or the Apple iPad 3 announcement coming up on February 29. But those rumors are all so … Thursday.

The Shadow

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In case you missed the flashmob media coverage of the iPad 3 announcement I plan to attend on February 29, 2012 — or March 1, 2012 — Apple is still locking down a big enough room and tchotkes for everyone. Who am I to deprive you? You’ll get all the details here.

This is the Shadow going dark.

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UPDATE 13. February 2012: Google confirmed this morning it is in fact opening a Google store in London.

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