Leo Laporte: Dvorak and Pournelle Join aNewDomain.net

Well, if it’s on This Week in Technology with Leo Laporte, it’s official. As part of my new year’s introduction of our edit team here at aNewDomain, Leo announces my partners John C. Dvorak and Jerry Pournelle are on board here. Great timing. Thanks, guys! Story’s got the details.

Well, I’ve been waiting for word to get out about us. We just launched a few weeks ago — we being a team of 40 editors and tech professionals — most of us worked together relaunching another property, BYTE, last year.

And with aNewDomain, we now have John C. Dvorak and our launch team’s senior technologist, Dr. Jerry Pournelle. But we’ve still been operating in relative stealth. Until now. My partners Dvorak and Pournelle up and decided to broadcast the news to millions of geeks on TWiT with Leo Laporte — and with astounding results.

If you’re here at aNewDomain.net because of TWiT, drop me a line at gina@aNewDomain.net!

You’ll find the remarks at around minute 7:00. Leo, my former radio cohost from our nationally syndicated radio computer talk show of the 1990s, gets the truth out of John and Jerry.


You know it’s official if Leo announces it to his huge following (which includes the team here at aNewDomain).

Thanks, Leo — and yes, you bet we’ll be running This Week in Technology with Leo Laporte, every Sunday and playable throughout the week. Most recent TWiT above. Head to minute seven.