KKK YouTube Statement: “We’re Done, GOP”

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Written by Tony DiGerolamo

A leader of the Klu Klux Klan appeared on YouTube today, claiming the Klan now wants to distance itself from the GOP, calling comments from such candidates as Mike Huckabee “just plain stupid. We only do evil,” the hooded KKK grand wizard said. “We don’t do stupid.” Here’s our report.

aNewDomain/SkewedNews Service — In a shocking move, the Klu Klux Klan issued a formal statement via YouTube today, distancing itself and the white supremacist movement from recent Republican rhetoric.

“We can no longer stand idly by while the GOP makes such outrageous claims,” said a behooded Grand Wizard on the video. “We hate people of all colors and creeds, but damn! They’re just crazy.”

Reaction from the Hill about the KKK video statement was decidely mixed. GOP chairman Reince Priebus called the statement “ludicrous” and “ill-timed.”

One senatorial spokesmen, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told us that the break with the KKK and the GOP had been “a long time coming” and that “those hooded sissies” had “flat out gone soft.”

kkk youtube release: klan objects to huckabeeThe Grand Wizard’s statement cited recent comments by Mike Huckabee regarding the Iranian peace deal, comments that compared the deal to marching the Israelis into ovens. The Grand Wizard said:

Don’t get me wrong, we do still hate Jews, but to compare oven marching to a peace deal that would benefit the United States? This kind of thinking is emblematic of the GOP. You know, candidates like this aren’t just evil, they’re stupid. And we only support evil.

GOP Fights Back

Various sources close to or inside the GOP also told us they were outraged about some of the KKK’s comments on creationism and the teaching of it in schools. In the video (which is also anonymous), the KKK leader said:

Sure, we may be a bunch of white, racist hillbillies, but we know who we are. And we believe in science, not fairy tales. The GOP is just not an organization we can be associated with any longer.”

Another Senate staffer who requested anonymity responded:

Why did the KKK decide to make such a public statement? They’re just making everyone look bad. These kinds of things are better dealt with internally at a rally — or better still, with coffee and pastrami in the green room at Fox News.”

KKK Youtube Statement: Anti GOPThe YouTube statement, at over 15 minutes, covered various GOP stances and statements that the KKK takes issue with. In its fiery conclusion, the KKK honcho delivered the coup de grace: From now on, he said, the Knights “will reach out to Democratic candidates.”

A DNC spokesman we contacted denied that there had been any endorsement of the party from the KKK, but made it clear the party would be open to talks come election time. To that, our GOP source scoffed. Any possible liaison with the other party, he said, will be “a foolish waste of time. The Klan is just plain hardheaded.”

He added:

And anyway, we all know who the KKK will vote for come November. And if not, what about it? It’s only a matter time before they come crawling back, burning cross in hand and just begging for President Trump to save them.”

Perhaps in years past. But the Klan told us in a statement early this morning that the group doesn’t “do takebacks. What are we? First graders? As our head honcho said on YouTube, we’re done. The KKK is done with the Conservative Right.”

Time will tell if the Klan’s resolve sticks. I’ll be following this developing story for you here. Stay tuned.

For aNewDomain and SkewedNews, I’m Tony DiGerolamo.

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