Kindle Fire: Would You Buy One? Really?

Today's news is full of Amazon Kindle Fire stories and leaks on the Barnes & Noble redesigned Nook. Since August, press and analysts have been saying Apple can't rule tablets (or readers) forever — Amazon, analysts say, has the best chance of breaking into the overwhelming headstart Apple has in the market it created and all but owns, with roughly 88 percent marketshare.

It's true the Amazon Kindle Fire, with its ultra low price point and integration with Amazon's myriad of shopping and cloud services, looks like an Apple iPad killer when you just coldly consider it as an option for the masses.

But ask yourself: Would you buy a non-Apple tablet? More specifically, are you planning on buying an Amazon Kindle Fire. Could Apple iPad customers be too entrenched in that ecosystem to consider a move, influencing new buyers toward iPad, too?

This is a distinct possibility. Apple execs keep saying they are not worried about new tablets coming to market over the holidays. This from today's CNET:

Apple apparently isn't worried, but Amazon's Kindle Fire has lit a fire under Barnes & Noble. Details are slowing leaking out about a major update to the Nook e-reader. Reports say the new Nook Tablet will have a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM to power the 7-inch device.