Amazon Kindle Fire: How To Change Your Email Signature

It’s easy to change the default email signature on your Amazon Kindle Fire. Here’s how.

Generic email signatures are so 2011. If you’ve got an Amazon Kindle Fire, you don’t have to use its default ¬†“sent from my Kindle Fire” ¬†signature. It’s easy to change or delete your email signature on the Fire. Here’s how.

First launch the email client on your Kindle Fire.

From the main menu, tap Apps. Or just tap the Email icon if  already pinned it to the favorite apps carousel.


On the next page, tap Device. Then tap the Email icon.


Tap to go into one of your email accounts. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Menu button, then tap Settings.


On the Settings menu, scroll down to Sending Mail. Then tap Composition Defaults.


In the Signature field, clear out “Sent from my Kindle Fire” and type in the signature you want to use. If you don’t want one at all, uncheck Use Signature.


That’s it! Now when you send an email from your Kindle Fire, the signature will be what you want.


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