Meet Joy Ma: Exec Editor at

Written by David Street

Meet exec ed Joy Ma. A vet tech editor, Joy goes way back with us. Gina and Joy worked on the gaming pub E2, the 1990s media play that created E3. A runaway, accidental hit : ) Startup Junkies Unite. Email Joy at

Meet Joy Ma. She’s the executive editor at — often the first and last one to read a piece here — and an editor with an eagle eye. This veteran tech news editor and reporter is the one you want to pitch stories to if you’re interested in trying out for a writing, photo, video, editing, podcasting or video blogging position on our team. Just saying : )

Based in Silicon Valley, Joy is a long time tech journalist and startup veteran. She served with Gina Smith, anewdomain’s editorial director and co-founder, at the 1990s-era Electronic Entertainment (E2) gamer magazine. It died young but its spawn — the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) we created to help serve our readers — lives on.

An anime fiend and fierce writer, Joy rounds out our team of all-star tech journalists.

Rolling out the team .. we are halfway there …


As executive editor at, Joy shepherds the content, manages story edit budgets and lends her keen typo-finding eye when even our hordes of Google + readers haven’t found one yet. An editor’s editor, we owe one to ReadWriteWeb editor Fredric Paul, who also worked at E2 and E3. He reunited Joy and Gina, bringing Joy into the fold to work with managing ed Jeremy Lesniak and other members of our 70 plus tech pro and tech journalist edit team.

Joy is one of 9 editors based in San Francisco and surrounds. Contact her if you’re interested in having us cover local events. She’s always good for a Tweetup.

With David Street, Tom Ewing, John C. Dvorak and Gina Smith, Joy serves on the editorial leadership board of