John C. Dvorak: On Darth Vader and the Borderline Personality (Uncle Dave)

Was Darth Vader more Borderline than evil? Only George Lucas and a true Star Wars nerd knows for sure. Via @UncleDave for John C. Dvorak at

via @UncleDave

Maybe Vader’s psychosis rubbed off on George back when he thought including Jar Jar was a good idea, or now when he’s still trying to confuse us into believing that Han Solo didn’t fire first. One does have to wonder why this story came out now. The release of Ep 1 in 3D? Naw, that’s crazy talk!

Apparently Darth Vader’s real problem was that he lacked a good therapist, say French psychiatrists and psychologists who, instead of working with an actual patient, used their diagnostic super powers to divine that the Dark Lord may have had a borderline personality. If he was real that is.

What’s more, they think he was on drugs, er, The Force, which they think maybe represents drugs somehow, according to an article in LiveScience. Additionally, they think his mental health issues were exactly why teens were attracted to the “Star Wars” movies — they could relate because of their own borderline personality traits. Or maybe it was because of the cool special effects.