Jobs Home Robbery, Kenny the Clown: Gina Smith TechNow 21 Aug 2012

Written by Gina Smith

Kenny the clown ended up with one of Steve Jobs’ stolen Apple iPads, but police say he only used it to play The Pink Panther theme. His friend, Kamier McFarlin, is charged with stealing 60K of goods and computers from the Steve Jobs family home in Palo Alto, CA. TechNow with Gina Smith, Monday, August 21, 2012.

On August 21 TechNow with Gina Smith the focus is on Kenneth Kahn, 47, of Alameda, CA — aka Kenny the Clown. Like Kato Kaelin during the infamous O.J. Simpson trial, he plays an unwitting criminal witness. In this case that’s the recent 60K heist of the late Steve Jobs’ family home in Palo Alto, CA.

Read more about Kenny the Clown here at TechRepublic.

Here’s his Twitterstream.

The media are all over his Twitter account, DMing him about getting photos and quotes. But he already has the kimono open. He has enabled no privacy protections enabled here at his Facebook page and timeline.

Kenny the Clown Ent. of course has a LinkedIn profile.

Looks like the clown business is doing okay. Kenny the Clown — Kenneth Kahn — won an entertainer of the year award at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco — in 2008.

He might need a new head shot, though. He’s running the risk of overexposure …

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