Jintronix: Medical Science Meets Video Games

Just when I thought video games couldn’t possibly become any more interesting, I read a story that showed me so much more is possible today with the technology available in the gaming space. Jintronix is that example of  how motion-based gaming technology can assist medical science.

jintronix in action

Image Credit: Microsoft

So, what is Jintronix? Jintronix is actually a small software startup that was born out of the Microsoft Kinect Accelerator where startups competed for funding for Kinect-based ideas. Seizing on both personal interest and active growth in the motion-based gaming industry, CEO Justin Tan decided to apply the Kinect technology to physical therapy solutions.  This started when Tan attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and began exploring physical therapy using Nintendo Wii motion controllers.  Combining his academic talents with a personal motivation after helping his father recover from a stroke, it ultimately led to the creation of Jintronix and its current work.

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Tan explained the Jintronix concept in this way, “Physical therapy has been the same for the past four decades, and there hasn’t been much change in the types of exercises that are available to patients…The patients aren’t adhering to their regiments either because of lack of access, it’s too expensive, or it’s just boring. Our system is changing that by getting them the care they need at home.”

Check out the Kinect Accelerator video.

It is by no means a new concept to apply motion-based gaming to physical therapy, however Jintronix brings the unique aspects of personal drive to its mission.  Tan hopes to couple the experience of physical therapy through gaming with a social dashboard-like experience as well.  Jintronix has created a web experience for users to keep track of all of their exercises, schedules, and progress.  Physicians can also follow their patients and make changes to their therapy as they progress.

Recently Tan and his team were rewarded for their hard work with the Microsoft Kinect Accelerator and took home the top prize at the International StartUp Festival pocketing an additional $50,000 in funding.  The team is now working its way out of startup infancy and taking its ideas and product to first-round seed funding.  So keep an eye out for Jintronix  the next time someone you know is in need of physical therapy. You just might see it for yourself.

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